Why We’re Here: A Localest Manifesto

Localest, what’s in a name? We’re trying to move food towards the local-est system possible. We think there’s something important about keeping things small and local. From a climate change standpoint, from an accessibility standpoint, from a locally made tends to taste better than the outputs of the soulless corporate monoliths standpoint.

We know the rough contours of this better system, but it would be isane-o to pretend all the details are worked out. We want to be part of a conversation, not climb up on boxes and monologue through a megaphone. We want to hear what you think, whether you’re a small farmer, a micro-baker, or someone who snacks with great intention.

We’re baking in access and equity questions right off the bat. If we’re not asking whether workers are being paid living wages, why even bother being here at all?

We also like sharing. Sharing what we’ve learned about starting and growing a small food business. Sharing your stories. Sharing challenges. Sharing delicious curries if we meet you in person. We don’t know everything. But we know some things.

We look forward to cogitating on Local Food with you.

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